Introducing Dash, a plugin for

Find & edit layers lightning fast in Figma.

With Dash you quickly find, select and edit layers without taking your hands off your keyboard.

No payment details required

Spend less time clicking, more time creating.

With Dash you can access all common Figma actions via a simple command palette. From selecting layers to changing layer properties, Dash makes you quicker and more efficient than ever.

Dash's layer search feature

Layer search Find the right layers, fast.

Find and select layers quickly by keyword and filter just the relevant ones, like text layers, frames or rectangles only.

Supports modifiers for expanding the current selection, selecting a parent up the layer tree and even globbing patterns for advanced use cases.

Dash's actions feature

ActionsEdit layers with ease

With Actions, you can easily change multiple layer properties at once, making it the perfect tool for making multiple variations and speeding up repetitive tasks.

Playground Get started with the playground template

Quickly get comfy with all of Dash’s features using the official playground.

Open in Figma community

All Figma commands at your fingertips

From changing font sizes, #color, renaming layers and adding component instances. Dash is the fastest way to do so.

Auto layout

Autolayout mode / spacing / padding


Change the layer’s resizing behavior

Corner radius

Round a layer’s corners


Drop shadow / inner shadow / layer blur / background blur


Change fill color or apply style


Change a layer’s typeface


Append an element to frame or selection


Blend mode / visibility / opacity / lock / unlock / rename


Add/remove/replace stroke, stroke weight / color / alignment


Text color / font size / alignment / line-height / letter-spacing...


Modify a layer’s height and/or width


Move layer horizontally and/or vertically

Available now!

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Dash is free to use, no payment details required. You’ll receive your license key directly after signing up on the next page.